Martyna Lorbiecka is a graduate of Painting and Interior Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. In her creations, she combines her love for these two art disciplines, focusing on color and form. In art, she seeks out unpredictability, movement, and vision. Her works, like herself, live in the moment, they are energetic and crazy!

The artistic collection Formation is a set of spatial objects that bring life to any place in which they exist. Made mainly of wood, thanks to their openings, protrusions, and concavities, they enchantingly let in light, casting graphic shadows and coexist with the space, providing sensory experiences to the viewer. Formation is a creation that can be touched, seen, and colorfully tuned. The impulse received by the human eye leads to thoughts, where the abstractness of the forms allows for individual interpretation. The image does not end on the canvas, but rather begins there, and what we see depends solely on ourselves.