Viola Vallentin's hat passion has been slowly developing in her space over the past few years, bringing more and more satisfaction from the unexpected effects that arose in her hands after many hours of innocent creation - Just like that. It happened also at night, that inspiration came to the artist, not allowing her to sleep, and then following her hands, she let the creativity flow. Complete detachment from everyday life, pure concentration, and a wonderful form of meditation. ———ZEN———

Over time, her hats began to take on colors when she released all limitations and patterns. That's when the Soul and Heart carried on. Her creativity began to flow, like that beautiful leaf on the water. Viola's senses drew inspiration from the beautiful nature of the Balearic Islands, where she lived and created at the time. Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera are particularly energetic places, where you can feel the breeze of absolute freedom! Peace and Love. Hippies. Dance. Music. Boho. The islands attract artists and creators from all over the world, as they magically inspire, free the senses, and creativity.

The Bohemian style, which was always so close to the artist, symbolizes a colorful and light life close to the nature, sun, and sea. It is a style of self-expression that is associated with freedom and tolerance, and above all, free from any trends and patterns. It creates individuality - just like her hats.

The Vallentin Bohemian Hats are born out of love and passion. Each hat is unique, created from natural materials with an addition of noble stones, feathers, silk threads, or seeds from Peru. The artist pays attention to every detail and high quality of the hats.

Hats are a symbol of class and style, and a woman in a hat always looks elegant and sexy.