Festival of Light 2022 at Hevelianum in Gdańsk

Light in the tunnel. The light evokes only positive associations. No wonder - after all, there is no life without light. While essential, it is greatly underestimated, even imperceptible. We decided to change it, and we connected people through light.

Together with artists, scientists, activists and constructors - we joined forces and resources to do something that has never happened before - a festival created from the bottom up, by people, for people. No curator, no director, no restrictions. Each of the festival organizers is here to make his dream come true. Everyone works in a field that they are passionate about and implements a project that gives them joy.

As L'arT Agency in collaboration with Miss Nothing Magazine and the fantastic students of UAL: Central Saint Martins from London, we took care of the artistic part of the festival. We organized an unusual exhibition of paintings shining under the UV light of our artist Jadwiga Hajdo, an exhibition of works by students of Arts and Sciences from the Art School in London, dealing with the subject of light from many perspectives, from quantum physics and life on Mars to mythological stories, an exhibition of Daria Berg photography in the open air, Zuzanna Denysiuk's VR installations and Sylwia Dybich's night mapping show. There was no end to this weekend for artistic sensations!

Apart from the exhibitions, we had the pleasure to run the L'arT, where you could catch our artists for a little chat about our initiative in the art of light and color, and more.

During the Festival of Light, our artists were also sharing their skills during the art workshops. Daria Berg, our photographer, conducted photographic workshops and showed us how to combine light, beauty and nature. The painter Jadwiga Hajdo shared the secret of her original dotting method and glowing works in the UV workshop. Karolina Gliniewicz conducted two seminars on transdisciplinarity in art in her workshop "Can you combine art and science?", where participants planned their transdisciplinary projects.

It was a fantastic experience! Several thousand participants visited us, and this is only the first edition! See you next year; we can't wait to see what ideas we will pursue.

Festival of Light website: festiwalswiatla.hs3.pll