Karol Okoński lives in Olsztyn, located in Mazury, the Land of a Thousand Lakes. In this area there are more than 2,600 lakes and a lot of forests,
which together create beautiful landscapes. Surrounded by such incredible nature the artist with big pleasure and peace creates the lamps presented below.

The first lamps he made for the loved ones. Later, he was discovered by the handcraft lovers in Poland and the whole Europe.

"Creating lamps is my great passion. The creative process itself is a journey to the land of my imagination and an attempt to give back to the world the state of my soul. It is a kind of a self-therapy and self-realization, a state comparable to meditation. It takes 3-4 months to make each lamp, as a result, only three or four lamps are made in a year. Every lamp is hand made, thus unique and  inimitable. Most of the lamps contain a carved motif - an orange and red flower. Such colors are taken on by the calabash in a completely natural way by shining the light to its walls, which are ground to the appropriate thickness with a precision of a fraction of a millimeter.
In addition, in each lamp there are from 7 to 12 thousand holes of several diameters, which, when the lamp is switched on, create fanciful patterns on the walls of the room.

- Karol Okoński