The Man with a Dog: A Captivating Art Exhibition of Patryk Palas Paintings

On August 3rd, 2023 in collaboration with Browar Port Gdynia and Art Gallery Latajacy Pies our Artists Agency L’arT has organised an extraordinary art exhibition featuring the captivating works of Patryk Palas. The exhibition was set against the backdrop of a sea view what created a truly magical experience for visitors.

About the Artist:
As an environmental engineer and ecologist, Patryk Palas brings his deep fascination with wind and water elements to life in his paintings. This multidisciplinary artist, drawing inspiration from abstract and poster art, beautifully depicts sea themes, beach scenes, and the enchanting presence of four-legged companions. Through his diverse background as a graphic designer, musician, photographer, and traveler, Palas has discovered freedom and fulfillment in the realm of painting. His works reflect the joy and serenity found in coastal walks and the ever-changing seascape. By skillfully capturing mesmerizing hues of sunsets and sunrises, Palas invites viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of his authorial color palette.

The Beauty of Coastal Walks:
The exhibition at Restaurant Browar Port Gdynia showcases Palas' ability to transport viewers to the breathtaking shores through his artwork. Each painting depicts people strolling along the beach, often accompanied by their loyal four-legged friends. Palas skillfully captures the essence of these coastal walks, inviting visitors to experience the tranquility and serenity that emanate from his works.

An Immersive Experience:
Visitors to the exhibition were not only able to appreciate Palas' paintings but also had the opportunity to enjoy a beer adorned with labels featuring reproductions of his artwork. This unique addition added an extra dimension to the exhibition, allowing attendees to savor the visual beauty of Palas' paintings while indulging in a refreshing beverage.


The Man with a Dog exhibition by Patryk Palas at Restaurant Browar Port Gdynia was a remarkable fusion of art, nature, and sensory delight. Palas' ability to capture the elements of wind and water, combined with his passion for coastal themes and the presence of four-legged companions, resulted in a truly mesmerizing experience. We invite art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike to immerse themselves in the beauty of Palas' works, allowing the joy and serenity to wash over them, just like the flow of the sea.