Ola Załuska-Kurowska, draws because she likes it. She draws out of the need to create, it gives her a great joy and absorbs  completely.

The artist effortlessly merges fun, spontaneity, and a vivid imagination into her captivating watercolor creations. With a flair for fantasy and a talent for caricature, Ola’s art takes viewers on an unusual journey through vibrant worlds that exist only in her mind. Her watercolor brush dances across the paintings, infusing life into her characters and bringing out their distinct personalities. Each stroke is filled with joy and enthusiasm, reflecting Ola’s own infectious energy. Her playful and light-hearted approach to art is inviting viewers to embrace their inner child and revel in the magic of imagination. Prepare to be transferred to a world where dreams come to life, laughter abounds, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.