Jadwiga Hajdo, began her artistic journey over 40 years ago. Being a teacher and working with children in an orphanage sparked her interest in painting, what over time developed into a deep passion. She fearlessly and skillfully mixes colors, creating a luminous and vibrant compositions on canvas. Through thorough observation of nature, Jadwiga pours her feelings onto the canvas, revealing the intensity of the beauty within the entire range of colors surrounding our world, from flower petals and depths of the underwater world to rainbows captivating the sky after rain. A characteristic of her works is the three-dimensional effect she intuitively achieves, reflecting the rays of the sun shining through leaves and plant branches. With dynamic brushstrokes, the painter unleashes a chromatic and highly energetic vibration, giving her works extraordinary expressiveness. Over time, she discovered that her paintings take on a completely new dimension in the UV light. Enthralled by this effect, she began using UV paints, which have become her signature in painting.