The Colors of Happiness with Hajdoart - Exhibition in MAG Gallery Garnizon

In collaboration with the MAG - Modern Art Gallery Garnizon in Gdańsk, we have organized a vibrant exhibition showcasing the works of the talented artist, Jadwiga Hajdo. Our goal was to elevate people's spirits and infuse their hearts with the vibrant colors of happiness. We have invited the audience to let the art guide them towards their inner beauty, and witness as their entire world becomes filled with the Colors of Happiness.


Jadwiga Hajdo, often referred to as the Artist of the Spirit, is known for her captivating abstract creations. Her art emerges from what some would call the depths of the soul, where the essence of the creative process lies - spontaneity and the complete surrender to the present moment. As a painter, she fearlessly and skillfully blends colors, constructing luminous and invigorating compositions on canvas.

Through her profound and captivating observations of nature, Jadwiga pours her emotions onto the canvas, capturing the intensity of the world's colors. From delicate flower petals to the depths of underwater realms, and even the ethereal rainbows that grace the sky after a downpour, she effortlessly captures the beauty that surrounds us. With over 20 exhibitions in Poland and two abroad (Italy and the Netherlands), Jadwiga's talent has been widely recognized. In 2012, she secured second place in the esteemed Power of Art Holiday Art Marathon. Her works have also been featured in the renowned "Polish Painting 2019" catalogue, and they regularly grace the pages of the "Esensja" Popular Culture Magazine.

Upon closer observation of her abstract pieces, one will discover that they hold more than just a backdrop of dots. Jadwiga's creations are a harmonious fusion of intuition and consciousness, resulting in pure joy. They transcend the canvas, evoking a sense of wonder and offering a glimpse into the depths of our own souls.

Jadwiga’s paintings, emanating with vivid colors and magical energy, bring color to our reality. For many, they are specific portals to the heart space, where there are endless layers of true happiness and love. They are the perfect tool for pointing the way to our inner beauty, which we can later transfer to the outside world. While seeing the colors in oneself, the whole world begins to take on a wonderful color.

To enhance the experience of our exhibition, we decided to engage multiple senses. In partnership with Boskoterapia we have carefully selected a unique blend of essential oils consisting of wild orange, patchouli, and cedarwood to complement Hajdo's abstract works and stimulate the sense of smell. Julia Hippe - the musician, with her magical Rav Drum mix, provided a captivating auditory experience that resonated with the vibrant energy of the artworks. Meanwhile, photographer Krzysztof Nowosielski beautifully documented the entire event, capturing the essence of this colorful celebration.