The Birth of L'arT Agency & The Mission to Spread the Joy

How did it all begin?
From a sense of JOY!

One day, my intuition led me to the workshop of Jadwiga Hajdo, a talented painter and my neighbor from Sopot. When I saw her paintings, my heart filled up with immense joy and I exclaimed, "These paintings are incredible! The whole world must see them!" Without hesitation, I sent 30 paintings to Amsterdam, where I was living at the time, and thus began my adventure with art. During the ongoing pandemic, I wanted to uplift sad and depressed people. The colorful and joyful energy flowing from Hajdo's works perfectly aligned with this purpose, which gave birth to my mission of bringing the art of light and color into people's hearts and homes.

Over time, other artists started approaching me to help promote their art. I realized then, that artists can fully unleash their creativity when they don't have to worry about promotion and sales. This gave rise to the idea of establishing the artists agency L'arT, which caters to these needs and allows them to focus on creation without being limited by formalities.

The capital letters in the name L'arT represent the values of the agency such as:

L - Light, Love, Laughter
T - Transformation, Transcendence


The first promotional event of the artist's agency called "Colors of Joy" took place on the streets of Amsterdam. Together with a group of friends, we went by the canals of the Dutch capital wearing colorful clothes, holding Jadwiga Hajdo's paintings, and joyfully celebrating their beauty. Each of us represented a different color to which we assigned meanings:

RED - the color of the Heart and Love
ORANGE - the color of Enthusiasm and Optimism
YELLOW - the color of Sun and Happiness
GREEN - the color of Nature and Harmony
BLUE - the color of Sky and Water, Peace and Balance
PINK - the color of Kindness, Friendship, and Compassion
PURPLE - the color of Magic and Creativity

This was a beautiful experience, which showed how much joy we can derive from interacting with art.

Daria Berg, my dear friend and talented photographer captured these beautiful moments and here are the effects:


The mission of the artists agency can be summed up in the words: "Bringing the Art of Color and Light to your Home and Heart"

So what is the Art of Light and Color?
The Art of Light and Color adds vibrancy to our surroundings. The Art of Light and Color brings joy to our lives. The Art of Light and Color reveals the beauty within ourselves. Light carries hope. Light illuminates the darkness. Light leads to the truth. Colors bring joy, and it awakens beautiful emotions within us.

Let's paint our world with the COLORS OF JOY!