LIGHT, SOUND, MOVEMENT - Exhibition of Jadwiga Hajdo's paintings in the UV light

✨An event filled with LIGHT, MOVEMENT and SOUND✨

On Wednesday, May 8th, we have opened the Gdańsk Light Festival with Jadwiga Hajdo's magical paintings exhibition in UV light at the Food Hall Montownia. The event was accompanied by a harp concert of Robert Usewicz, known as the Navigator, and a dance performance by Luna. The event was a prelude to the third Gdańsk Light Festival, which illuminated Gdańsk with light installations and art shows on May 10th and 11th, 2024.

Artist Jadwiga Hajdo from Sopot led us into a magical realm. Her vibrant, fluorescent paintings came to life under UV light and transformed the space of Montownia into a mystical place. The soothing sounds of Robert Usewicz's harp and Luna's dance performance, which elegantly integrated the light of the paintings with the harp's sounds with the movement of her silk voile, added to the enchanting atmosphere. The event provided a one-of-a-kind opportunity to witness the power of light in altering our perception of reality and the ability of sound to ignite our imagination, transporting us to a whole new, ethereal dimension.

Gdańsk Light Festival

An event that combines art, science, and technology, but above all, it brings people together. This year's edition of the Light Festival had the main theme of "Light in Our Life.". On May 10th and 11th at Hevelianum Center, the visitors had the opportunity to embark on a fascinating journey through various aspects of light that shape our daily experiences. It was a true feast for the senses, full of extraordinary light shows, mappings, installations, exhibitions, and thrilling concerts.


Jadwiga Hajdo

@hajdoart, the author of colorful abstract paintings, is often called the Artist of the Soul. Through a deep and fascinating observation of nature, she pours her feelings onto the canvas, showcasing the intensity and beauty of the whole range of colors surrounding us. The characteristic feature of her work is the effect of three-dimensionality, which the author achieves subconsciously by reflecting the sun rays passing through leaves and plant branches. By using dynamic brush strokes, she unleashes a colorful and highly energetic vibration, giving her works an extraordinary expression. Over time, she discovered that her paintings take on a completely new dimension under UV light. Enthralled by this effect, she began using UV paints, which have become a trademark of her art.

Robert Usewicz (Navigator)

The Navigator is an extraordinary artist whose life journey led him through the mazes of entertainment music to the discovery of the deep power of sound and inner light. His journey began at a point where experience seemed to reach its zenith, but it was then that he discovered a new world - the World of Sacred Sounds. For years, he dedicated himself to meditation, delving into the secrets of ancient instruments, and searching for new expressions of sound. The discovery of the power of the gong sound became the central point of his creativity, leading him to the role of a guide in healing inner journeys. The Navigator's extraordinary harp is the materialization of his vision, serving as a tool for transformation and sound transmission for humanity.



For over ten years, Luna has combined her passion for dance and technology. She dances sensually, with depth and emotion, in oriental dance. She also explores other styles, from classical to folklore, and experiments with the use of attributes such as silk veils, fans, or wings. Her choreographies, combining oriental dance with elements of other styles, have been appreciated at many festivals and competitions in Poland and abroad.


Photography: Grzegorz Mehring



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